Squatter Issues in Jávea and surrounding areas

There’s been a recent surge in cases regarding squatters in the area since Covid, it is a genuine problem with many reports of cases in villas and luxury properties alike. There have been numerous incidents in the Marina Alta recently and it’s something that second-home owners need to bear in mind. The Spanish press reported recently that a British family had to cancel their summer holiday in Spain as their 12-bedroom villa had been occupied by squatters, known locally as okupas. Due to a loophole in the law if a squatter is not reported within 48 hours it then becomes a civil matter and has to go through the civil courts, most of the time taking months.

It’s not just second-home owners who need to worry about the risk of squatters. Every year, after the summer, the Spanish press reports sad cases of people who get home from holiday only to find the locks changed and squatters in residence. They are then left homeless whilst they struggle with the time, costs, and anxiety of getting their home back, which can take months.

So, it’s worth taking the risk of squatters in Spain seriously. There are several things you can do to avoid this. Please feel free to contact us for FREE advice and a free security assessment. See our other ARTICLE for security tips.