Property Management

Our Property management service differs to most here on the Costa Blanca. Why are we different ? Not only do we offer the standard services such as pool and garden maintenance, cleaning services, etc, but we will also visit your property to inspect it regularly. See below for more details.

Regular property check: We will inspect your property on a regular basis while you are not here and then give an immediate report on the condition of the property. On far too many occasions we hear of gardens and pools not being maintained regularly enough or clients coming back to a damp or damaged home. We will report back to you with properties condition immediately!

Our team can check over your property at pre-determined intervals, up to once a week if required, then upon the completion of the property check we will send an immediate report including images straight to your inbox. We will also be there to assist after a major storm. If we discover a serious issue we will contact you immediately and assist with anything that maybe required.

If you also contract us for the key holding  we will also include the report on the properties security situation in the same report.

We not only check the condition of your property but we can also open up your villa to let air circulate, to run its systems, to check its plumbing by running the toilets and taps, and to give the property a general check over. Another major concern for property owners are water leaks. We will check you have no water leaks by inspecting your water meter for unusual activity and will contact you immediately and of course turn it off if required. Upon sending the property report once finished we include any comments or images of anything we may encounter.

Property/Systems Check List

  • Pool and garden. – we will evaluate your pool and garden’s condition
  • Water management – Check water meter for unusual activity turning it off immediately if required.
  • Plumbing system – Run taps and flush toilets. Check boiler or turn on heating. Electrical system – Check circuit board and turn on/off if required. Run any electrical systems where necessary.
  • Windows, doors and shutters. – Open up all windows and doors to check function and let air circulate. Open/run shutters
  • General Condition – If we notice any issues other than the above we will note it down and include it in the report.

Extra Services list

We also offer the below services, please enquire for more information:

  • Pool and Garden Maintenance.
  • Cleaning Services.
  • Painting and decoration.
  • Building Services including pool and garden construction


    Our Other Services